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Hey friends! Thanks for stopping by.

Welcome to my blog, my digital sanctuary, my mega space of content — whatever you want to call it. I’m just happy you’re here. My name is Arbela and I’m a writer, editor, content creator and many other things wrapped into one.

What is The Battle of Arbela?

My goal with this blog is part-storytelling and part collaboration. I wanted a space to share my writing but also create a digital space for resources I’ve learned and am learning on how to survive and thrive as a 20-something person in this weird and wonderful world. This blog has been alive for a little over 3 years, but I’ve been thinking of starting it for longer than that. But the reason it took me so long to decide and start was because I felt that I wasn’t a “fully complete” person yet. I was still unfinished, not fully grown or settled into myself so I thought: who am I to start a blog and tell others what I do? But the truth that I realized is that everyone is that weird in-between, that uncertainty, the part of our life where we’re still figuring it all out. So I figured, even if my ideas will change, my sense of self will evolve and the things I want to write about shift, this blog will grow with it and maybe create some solace for people. My goal as a writer and journalist has always been to try and mix the two (although I’ve been repeatedly warned not to) and to create stories that include our own perspectives and raw experiences, but also serve as a source of knowledge and ideas that reflect larger issues in our society. My blog is a tiny step towards that blog, even if it might just be a digital sketchbook, where I’m still figuring out the direction I want to go in.

What you can expect from this blog:

  • Personal essays

  • career advice in writing, journalism and a little bit of other places.

  • digital wellness (ways in which you can have a more secure and healthy relationship with the internet and social media)


  • my favorite things: style, fashion, music, books, home decor, places to shop, beauty products, etc.

  • interviews from other young creators (coming soon!)

 A bit more about me:

My name is Arbela (Ahr-Beh-Lah), I’m a recent graduate of Cleveland State University where I earned a degree in Journalism and Women’s Studies with a minor in Sociology. I currently work as a freelancer for a couple different companies in Clevleand, including Black Valve Media and Cleveland Magazine. My dream job is to work as an editor for a major magazine I admire, and/or start a publication of my own one day focused on reliable news, in-depth storytelling and inclusivity.

Have a suggestion for a blog post? Want to collaborate? Or just talk about something we have in common?

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