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I made this blog in the hopes of exploring the many other things I love in this life: from This blog is about the battles we face every day, or throughout our lives. The ones we fight outside of ourselves and from within. This is a blog reminding myself and everyone who reads it, that we are allowed be a lot of things and have different experiences that make us, us. We can be weak, but determined. Flawed, but content. Struggling, but free. Tender, yet strong. These are not contradictions but simply additional layers of our sense of being. 

 You’ll find a lot of things in this blog: interviews, self-care tips, music recommendations, feminist ramblings and humble advice from yours truly. I don’t want this blog to be just about me, so please, if you have any suggestions or if you want to hear about something please let me know!

 A bit about ME: the gal behind the blog.

 My name is Arbela (Ahr-Beh-Lah), I’m currently a senior at Cleveland State University studying Journalism, Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies. I’ve learned that I have a  passion for writing, both about my own experiences and sharing other’s as well, so this is my creative outlet to do that. I’m a writer who enjoys writing journalistic stories as much as I do more creative reflections--so you’ll definitely find a mix of things here! I love writing about everything and anything, small, things, big things and how they reflect our world in general.