Adding Zen to Your Room

The truth is, whether we like it or not, our work space, leisure space, bedroom space etc can have a profound effect on our mood and overall well being.  I've been working on changing my space around and for the first time in a while I feel like I'm getting something right -- and the steps I'm taking are much simpler than I thought! 

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What The Heck Is My Style?

With spring just around the corner, I think it's time to do an all around revamp of my style, my closet and my shopping habits. And I'll be sharing this journey on the blog here! First part of this journey? Figuring out, or rather re-discovering my personal style. From there, I can decide what things to donate/sell, how to organize my closet and how to move forward with shopping.

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Let's Talk About Love

Valentines day has always been a weird holiday. And it's purely because of the commercialization and gendered culture that we live in. But I'm really enjoying seeing so many people in the last couple of years, embrace V-day as something more than just a day for heteronormative, romantic partners. I like the idea of expanding our idea of love and the "day of love" to so many other things which include; friend love, girl love and of course, self-love.

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My Beauty Sleep Routine

Especially this semester, having evening classes and nearly a full schedule every day, I'm making a point to not skip out on these bedtime routines,  because they are so important in making sure I continue to value sleep. Sleep is such an important and necessary part of self-care for young adults/college students. 

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Reading Roundup: 2/2

Along with the insanely copious amounts of reading I have to do each week for my classes in college, I figured I'd try and share with ya'll some of my favorite reads of the week. Sometimes they will be shorter some weeks than others, and the topics of the articles will greatly vary. If anything, these pieces will provide some nice quotes you may need to hear from the week. 

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