Making Things Happen


Woah! Haven't written on here in a little bit. Since I'm officially on winter break I felt especially compelled to give my little blog some love. It seems that in the last couple months my life has somehow exceeded the regular 90 mph to now a rapid 150 mph. This includes writing big stories, reaching milestones, getting a new BIG-GIRL JOB and even planning future travels. Needless to say, the Cosmo horoscope didn't seem to predict any of this. And this whole week and last week I've been saying "wow, this is happening, this is happening," and I realized I should be saying, "Wow. I'm making this happen." 

I have a ton of blog posts brewing in my mind based on everything that is happening, but it'll take me a minute to put it all out, so here's a quick list of what's going on and what I might expand upon later. 

updates // reflections

  1. Adult job!

As I said, I GOT A NEW JOB. And it's especially exciting because it's my first official adulting, big-girl job and it's blowing my mind. This is already my 4th week in training and transition as an editor for Substream magazine, a music and culture magazine based in Cleveland (and right down the street from campus). I'm amazed at the opportunity I've been given, and I honestly loving it already. Writing about music was never the thing I thought I would be good at, but I'm enjoying it so much and it just goes to show that you never know where you're going to end up, and to never box yourself in with your future plans in life. 

The Vindicator:

The college magazine I'm the editor in chief for at my school has released 3 amazing issues this semester: October, November and December and I'm extremely proud and excited. Even though I didn't Not to be cliche but it literally feels like only yesterday that I was a shy sophomore who was too scared to walk into the office for the first meeting. I've definitely learned more professional, social and academic skills than I can count through managing my staff and writing for this magazine. It's also given me the chance, I realized, for the first ever ever time to be a BOSS. And this has just been an eye-opening experience that has literally made look within myself and find my inner ladyboss. I've learned the trials and tribulations and the tough decisions that have to be made. After I finish as EIC next spring I'll know I'll be taking an invaluable life experience with me. 



I ended up switching up my degree at college, and to be honest I'm still in the process of figuring out when I'll be graduating, but even though a lot of things are still up in the air, a lot of things finally feel clear academically. I'm finishing up my Journalism degree next semester and I couldn't feel more confident about it. I've also switched up my other degree track and dropped my Sociology major to a minor which was the most relieving thing I've ever done. I was considering it for a while, because I had my doubts about the program and how it fit with what I wanted to do, but I kept feeling bad and thinking that I would be a failure because of it. 


My Blog:

I'm really finally, FINALLY feeling inspired about my blog and trying to get motivated about writing more stuff. Since I'm the queen of indecisiveness I did that classic blogger thing where I couldn't decide what I wanted to do and what direction I wanted to take my blog in. But at one point I just said screw it. There's a lot of things i want to experiment with for my blog, and I bought the darn domain so it's time I just do whatever I want. So in the future you'll be seeing more posts about feminism, fashion and some reviews of my favorite tv shows! I'm starting to realized that life is too short to put yourself in a box in any way, and this blog is my creative outlet to try out all kinds of things. Oh! And I'm exploring some ideas for starting up my YouTube channel again, so that'll be exciting as well. 

All in all, these last couple months/semester has brought a  lot of changes, both good and challenging. But I think the best thing I'm doing for myself is trying my best to just do things, instead of thinking and overanalyzing everything. As part of my resolution for the new year, I want to be more bold in different parts of my life, whether it be social, academic or personal. I feel like in life we're always told we're supposed to be a type of person and a type of life, and that there's no flexibility in the path we take. I'm really tired of second guessing myself in everything I do, especially worrying about what people think. At this age there's really no point. I always thought that there was a specific schedule I had to follow because of what I wanted to do as a journalist, but there are so many directions I can go.


So, I hope you enjoyed this rambling post -- it's winter break and I'm very excited about having time to add more stuff to the blog now that i have time! So this is just a little introduction to that, and if you're also on break I hope this inspired you a little bit to do what you want with your life!

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