Autumn Playlist: Indie-an Summer

indie-an summer (1).jpg

Is this a good pun? Maybe not. Anyway. Fall playlist time!!!

This playlist started out as random songs I was collecting from Spotify's Discovery Weekly playlist, but then I started to feel a common mood of "warmth" but also "fall" when listening to some of the songs. So I threw in a couple of other songs that that I've discovered either fairly recently or way long ago (Yes, that's Somebody That I used to Know on there). These songs reflect this weird in-between weather the midwest has been having lately, with temperatures falling to 60 and then rising up to 80 again. It's been a total mess for my closet and my sweat glands but at the same time, as far as having a day to go to a pumpkin patch or enjoy a day in the park--well it's just right. 

Two High - Moon Taxi Black Out Days - Future Islands Remix - Phantogram, Future Islands Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye Kimbra Seven words - Weyes Blood Cherry-coloured Funk - Cocteau Twins The Bells - Lowell Ch.jpg

So this is not just a playlist necessarily if the temperature and weather matches it. This is also for those days when you need to feel warm inside even thought the world might seem a little cold. Here's to smelling the fall air, while still feeling the sun on your cheek. Here's to sipping cider and picking pumpkins, while it still being just warm enough for a cute dress and thin tights. Let's enjoy this weird, sometimes annoying in-between and jam out.

Enjoy and HAPPY FALL!