Jazzing up Your Winter Wardrobe

Even though the cold season brings more opportunities for fashion, sometimes it's hard to feel inspired for your wardrobe when all you want to do is wrap yourself up in a snuggie and never take off your fuzzy leggings. I've been there, but I recently acquired a couple pieces to my wardrobe that make it a lot more, well, fun. Currently the winter here in Cleveland is not as bad as it's going to get (oh, but it will), but I've already been exploring my options for how I can spruce up my every-day-wear. Having an outfit that's just right immediately gives me a good start to the day -- and trust me, I definitely need it for these cold 7 a.m. mornings when all I want to do is bury myself in my covers. 

I found a couple ways to counteract my seasonal depression and having fun with my wardrobe is one of them. Looking forward to wearing a bomb-ass outfit I've picked out always motivates me just a bit to hop out of bed. Plus, the cold season brings so much more variety for your closet because of accessories, boots, and LAYERS. Here's a couple things I've added to my winter wardrobe this year that has helped me feel a bit more ready for the day-- whether it's for a night out or I just want to look good for a long day at work. 

Photos by Evan Prunty


Velvet Boots

Boots:  The Gap

Boots: The Gap

Do I even need to say anything? This is the ultimate winter footwear. I had my eyes on 3 different styles of velvet boots until I found he perfect ones - color-wise and style. At first I was worried it would be hard to dress these down, since they are SO glam, but I don't even care because the color is just too perfect to not wear more often. This is a perfect thing to add to your wardrobe if you're all bundled up in a puffy coat and wearing mostly dark colors. The texture and the shimmer of these shoes right away bring the life into me when I'm on my for a night out. 


The scrunchies trend has been brought back to life from the 90's and I am SO here for it. On the days when all your outfit ends up being is a big chunky sweater, leggings and a blanket scarf to protect you from the cold all day. A lot of times when I'm running late and get out of the shower I'm still forced to keep my hair wet, so I just put it up in a messy bun, but it always needed a little extra. I feel like everyone remembers wearing scrunchies when they were like 8 years old, but there's so many cute colors and designs out there that look great with either a bun, ponytail or a half up bun. 

Grey-Black Turtleneck: Vintage Apparel CLE

Pink Embroidery Scrunchie: Free People

Fur Coat 


Boots: Thrifted

Jeans: Thrifted (Originally Banana Republic)

Black Turtleneck: Vintage Apparel CLE

This is something I never thought I would invest in -- it was one of those pieces that I just felt like "wasn't me", but soon I realized how silly that concept was. Especially since I kept seeing other people style it and I was really starting to love the look of it, especially on a nigh out in November when I don't want to wear my puffy coat. I wouldn't even call this an investment because I found such an amazing faux fur coat at a THRIFT store for maybe 10 dollars? It fits like a dream, and it's just the right amount of diva I'm looking for. 

Tassel Earrings 



I bought these peach pink tassel earrings in the heat of summer from a local Cleveland business called Wandering Wardrobe, but I've found myself wearing them a ton in the winter. Usually I lean towards wearing more cooler colors in the cold seasons, but that's the beauty of it -- I can wear all the cool colored sweaters and coats I want and then bam -- the earrings add just the amount of warmth. And the style of these earrings are perfect because unlike my other statement earings, they are just casual enough that you can wear them to a brunch but can be also dressed up enough for a special occasion. 

Funky Sweater


Everyone needs this in their wardrobe for the cold season. Whatever your definition of "funky" is, everyone needs that big chunky sweater in their close that right away turns some heads. It's literally all you need to jazz up a simple winter outfit. This particular one I got from My Closet Etc, so it's one of a kind as well, but I've seen cozy pieces like this everywhere. The texture is unforgettable and the combinations of colors are just the right amoutn of funky and classy. 

Bold Head Wraps 

Mustard Head Wrap:      Free People

Mustard Head Wrap: Free People

Cacoon Coat: Old Navy   Pink Velvet Wrap:    H&M

Cacoon Coat: Old Navy

Pink Velvet Wrap: H&M

For those times when you don't want to sacrifice your hair for a hat -- voila. It took me forever to find the right colors and style of head wraps that I can wear constantly, but once I did I can't stop wearing them.