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I probably talk about this a lot -- but the internet can be a beautiful place. Yes, it has it's ups and downs and sometimes can be a little jarring. But when looking for a pool of inspiration to pull from, being able to see what others are creating, and reading their stories compared to my own. Ever since I was 14 and running my own Tumblr fan blog (yes, and I have no shame) I always looked to others for inspiration online. And the same goes now when I'm trying to navigate my own way through online creativity and blogging. 

I was going to make this a "my favorite female  bloggers to follow " post, but I kept thinking about how there are so many different digital avenues that that are possible to go down on. The term blog doesn't even cut it; the internet is so big and wide that we can do anything we want with it. Digital creation is immensely growing in this day and age, and knowing your way around the interwebs can be crucial depending on the career you're going into, or the projects you're trying to accomplish. Whether you have produce content via YouTube channels, Instagram feeds, blog posts, Twitter threads or starting your own site from scratch, the opportunities are endless when it comes to the digital world and how you can use your work. 

And to me, it gives my heart such warmth and happiness to think about all the badass women and non-binary folks that are honestly, in my opinion, leading the way as far as digital content creation goes. The online presence of women is getting stronger and stronger and is so important to have. And the wonderful support that is given from one digital sister to another is so wonderful to see. Say what you want about social media, the boom of the internet and online worlds, but digital platforms give so much opportunity for creativity, growth and making connections. So here's a list of some badass online female creators that have inspired me and motivated me on my own endeavors, and hope will do the same for you! 

Kim Hoyos: Founder of the Light Leaks website, filmmaker & writer | Instagram | Twitter

Topics: Film, TV,  media, gender, feminism, gender equity.


Amber Discko: App creator and writer | Medium | Twitter | Aloe App

Topics: self-care, mental health, tech, lifestyle, culture, gender.  


Francesca Gariano | Founder of Life According to Francesca | Blog | Instagram 

Topics: Fashion, lifestyle, college, beauty. 


Lucy Moon: Blogger & YouTuber | YouTube Channel | IAmLucyMoon.com |

Topics: Lifestyle, culture, beauty, fashion, advice, mental health. 


Savannah Brown: Poet, Writer,  YouTuber | Instagram | YouTubeTwitter

Topics: Slam poetry, mental health, advice, culture. 


Nikka Duarte: Blogger & Founder of My Closet, Etc. | Instagram

Topics: Fashion, styling, beauty, well being, lifestyle. 


Feminista Jones: Writer & journalist | Twitter | Medium 

Topics: race, class, gender, politics, culture. 


Sammy Nickals: Writer | Twitter | Medium

Topics: Relationships, gender, sexuality, mental health. 


Mianne Chan: Beauty Editor for Refinery 29 | YouTube Host for "Beauty with Mi" | Instagram | YouTube Playlist

Topics: Beauty, fashion, makeup, styling, lifestyle.


Christianna Silva | Founder of BottleMagazine.com | Twitter

Topics: Politics, gender, social issues, feminism, news, self-care, mental health. 



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