Visiting (And Experiencing) New York City

Arrival--that is something I have felt while walking through this city. the feeling of arriving, which in a way is one of the best sensations. being able to enter and feel welcomed. I feel like every spot brings something new, something different, each day. this is truly a place that heightens your senses and makes you experience the present. this may be just me being cliche, but this is something I could get used to.

I told myself that this trip would not only be a vacation, but also a determination if I would ever want to work and live here. I still don’t have a clear answer to my question, because I realized it’s probably impossible to know that from only visiting a massive city like that for 5 days. But something sparked in me, being there. Not necessarily the flashing lights and the tall buildings, but the people and the details. This is a city that always has something going on and everyone has something to do. Everyone is full of distractions, everyone is constantly stimulated--that’s the kind of person I am, so perhaps I’d fit right in. 

Every city has its faults, though. For NYC it’s the tourism, I think. But  I don’t see as tourism as a component of the city but rather an infestation. When I was in the city, I realized that the swarms of people that seemed to really suck the city dry were the people that were trying to just get everything out of it for a day. I hated being a tourist in NYC. That is not something I want to fall into. I want a reason. Tourists are too temporary. When i try to travel, I try to pretend I’m living there, as silly as that sounds. 

That’s why I venture to say that one of my favorite moments was waking up in NYC each morning. Not in a hotel, but in an apartment in one of the surrounding suburbs. And opening my eyes and seeing my boyfriend and for one moment thinking, we live here, we’re waking up here, and we’re about to embark onto the city with a purpose. Because that’s all everyone wants, is a purpose. 


Last time I came to New York City, I was a tourist. I came for 3 days and my family and I saw the basic things and it was fine. That time, I simply visited. This time around, I arrived. 

Now I’m back in Cleveland, Ohio and i feel like a part of New York City rubbed off on me. That’s the most magical thing about the trip so far. I feel like I hold a part of it with me–the bustling, the rushing, the liveliness. I’ve been hustling much more than I normally would on a summer Monday and it makes me happy. Maybe the city did something more than just give me a nice vacation, it enlightened something within me. Because while I was worried that as soon as I got back to Cleveland I would be bored and uninspired, it seems as though the exact opposite happened. I almost feel like recreating that feeling I felt in that city in my own home town here. 

So maybe, that means I can go anywhere. Not necessarily the biggest and grandest city. But as long as i bring that feeling with me. But again, something still pulls me back to the big and beautiful New York. Something tells me this isn’t my last goodbye.