My Favorite Things: April

Here's my newest post!!! So this is going to be the first installment for my  little monthly series that I'll try and post on the last week of the month! This one is for April, aka a some things that I've been loving this past month. It'll always be 5 things; products, inspiration, style, tech/online, and a song that I've been listening to! 

THE GOODS: essential oils for the soul

A couple months ago my anxiety was at an all time high. And after doing some research for relaxation tactics, I found that I was suffering from a fun thing called "stress headaches" and "tension headaches" and it was totally different from just regular headaches that could be cured by some Advil. Then, one day I went to a local soap shop in my town that I've been buying a lot of stuff from. There, someone suggested that I try a eucalyptus roll-on that is supposed to cure headaches, and it helps so much. I don't go anywhere without my eucalyptus oil, and I also got a lavender one to use before bed. So if you have a shop near you that sells similar oils, I highly recommend it.  But if you're in the Cleveland area, definitely check out STEM Soaps in Lakewood!  

 INSPO:  Girlboss, etc.  

I usually didn't have a lot of trust in "self-help" books because all of them seemed to have the same cliche, advice, but this is one of the ones that I truly got a lot out of. A lot of people have been familiar with Sophia Amaruso's blunt, funny and inspirational book, #Girlboss, but while reading it this past month I've discovered the Girlboss playlist and the new website that just launched, Some of the episodes and articles I've been listening to have given such good advice. One of my favorite episodes on the podcast was the interview with Ann Fulenwider, the Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire.  I highly recommend it to anyone who needs business, career advice--there's something for everyone. The podcast is available on iTunes for free!! 

Oh and there's also the new Girlboss show on Netflix, which I'm in love with as well...


ONLINE/TECH: The Light Leaks

The Light Leaks is a website that recently founded by Kim Hoyos that has awesome advice and articles about film and culture. This site is not just an inspiration to female and non-binary filmmakers, but to anyone who is interested in starting an online publication or blog. I love the layout of it and they also have a very active social media (Twitter, Instagram) where they post a lot of inspirational and helpful advice! If you're a filmmaker that needs advice and interesting takes on film and TV, this is an awesome fresh new site to check out!! 

                               Designed by  Gigi Ferguson  in collaboration with the Light Leaks.

                               Designed by Gigi Ferguson in collaboration with the Light Leaks.

!!! Some articles to check out: Crashcourse: Basic Editing Tutorials + The Traps Of Success


LOOKS: MyClosetEtc

For a while I’ve been looking for unique places to buy clothes from. I’ve been starting to learn about the importance of not shopping at “fast fashion” stores, and that’s why I’ve been trying to visit my favorite thrift stores and independent vintage boutiques as much as I can. So when I found Nikka’s online shopping site, I was in love. I’ve already gotten three things from there, including a beautiful, silky mustard colored blouse that I basically bought an hour after she posted it. It was exactly what i was looking for (I’m pretty sure she’s a mind reader). But seriously, she has an eye for fashion and finding good things. Also, she sends the cutest, sweetest thank you notes that will make you feel like a queen.

Check out her Instagram too: myclosetetc


SOUNDS: Lover’s Letdown by Goldmyth

We're in the face of what we known
Running in place so we don't feel alone
We could probably talk around it
And hope it's left unsaid
Even if we live without it
The fire still gets bad

While shuffling through my Discovery playlist, I found this extremely addictive, pop-indie song that I literally listen to every day on my way home from work. I've never heard of the band Goldmyth but I'm now hooked on the other songs as well!