My Favorite Things: May

GOOOOODBYE MAY. Gosh, it's so bittersweet to say goodbye to this month--it's my birthday  month (22, woohoo!), the month when school ends and you feel suddenly cathartic with freedom, and it's when the weather finally becomes bearable. This month I've discovered a lot of wonderful things, and I've enjoyed them throughout on the month and plan on keeping them around for the rest of the summer. Let me know what you think of this posts! Also, find my April favorite things here. 

So let's get to it--here are some of my favorite things from this month: 

THE GOODS | lip love

As the warm season is upon us, it's even a bigger struggle to find good lipsticks that keep your lovely lips moisturized, while not sweating away. Personally, as far as my lip makeup goes, the easier the better, so I can easily say I found my new go-to product. 

  1. Generation G from Glossier:

I've been still pretty new to Glossier, but the main products I've been using from this lovely makeup company is the Generation G lip stick. It's honestly the product that was made for me. I'm way too lazy to put on lipstick properly, and even when I do, it always ends up messy--and in the summer heat, it becomes even worse. This products is basically half lip balm/half lipstick, so it goes on perfectly and effortlessly. From my experience you don't even have to prep your lips with chapstick or anything. You don't' even need a mirror! (I'm still that person who uses my phone camera though...) The only thing I will warn is that the examples on the site show the lipstick on the models at their darkest, so remember that whatever color you get it'll be probably a little lighter on your lips. The first one I got was the Crush shade, but recently I got a little braver and got Jam, one of the darker shades. And I'm. In. Love.  

Find more info on the Generation G here!

(Psssst. I also recently got the Super Pure skin serum from Glossier, which is definitely another fave, but I'm planning on talking about it in a seperate post about skin care in the next week, so stay tuned!)

INSPO | podcasts and websites


This podcast is my new favorite thing to listen to on my commutes to work and back. It's created and hosted by Leandra Medine, author of Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls, and probably the best dressed person I've ever seen. She's also the founder of the fashion and lifestyle website Man Repeller that is currently taking off and you should definitely check out as well, if you haven't. 

Each episodes of the podcast consists of Medine narrating quick, 10-15 minutes segments about different topics, such as self-love, pain, career advice or her personal reflections. All in all, she talks to you like she's your friend --and in a very poetic way that will make you self-reflect in a way that you didn't think you needed to. Some of my favorite episodes are Feeling Stuck, and Talking Yourself Out of An Anxiety Attack, which are two segments that honestly improved my mental state by a hundred percent the week I listened to them. I like a lot of podcasts, and a bunch that I listen to are news related or talking about stories and topics, but there's something special about just listening to someone talk in your ear about real emotional stuff that we sometimes just need to face.  Her advice is genuine, raw and very inspiring. I love that it's so short and you don't have to commit to a longer segment if you're not in the mood--just pop in your headphones on your walk to work and listen away!

Available on Itunes and Man Repeller's website.

Itunes LINK:

ONLINE/TECH: Bottle Magazine

Like last month, I want to give a shout out to another independent site that I've been loving lately: , a site filled with stories by women for women, talking about different perspectives and issues that need to be heard. Not only do I love reading this site, I've also had the pleasure of submitting some of my own stories here, here and here. The most recent one I talked about anxiety and how it ties into the career I've chosen, which was part of their Mental Health and Self-Care theme for this past month. So as May wraps up, we should still make sure to be reading people's stories about all of these issues even as this months passes, so what better way then checking out these stories on this site. 

Some of my favorites from this month to check out: 

5 Steps for Social Media Self-Care

Mental Illness 101

The Truth About Grief

Also check them out on twitter: @bottle_magazine

LOOKS: bandanna trend

Scarf: Urban Outfitters, Model:  Ann Marie

Scarf: Urban Outfitters, Model: Ann Marie

I got this from a THRIFT store. 

I got this from a THRIFT store. 

If you're not ready to spend some $$$, look through your closet. I've had this bandanna since I was 8 years old.

If you're not ready to spend some $$$, look through your closet. I've had this bandanna since I was 8 years old.

I do realize I'm late on the trend train here, but I've got to brag about one of my favorite accessories: the neck scarf. I especially love finding different colors and designs and mix and match them with certain outfits. I'm convinced it can go with anything, and even if you're wearing a simple outfit, I feel like this accessory right away adds a little zing--with little to no effort. 

You can find these types of scarves almost anywhere. I found some especially nice ones on Madewell and the Gap. The top one is from __ and the bottom two I successfully thrifted from my local thrift store. So find your color and style and go from there! 

Sounds: Oh Devil by Electric Guest

I discovered this song by chance, and oh how great it feels to find that one song that you instantly fall in love with. I've been listening to this in the mornings especially on my drive to work--it works as a second cup of coffee, you should try it. The beat is so energizing and it also is a perfect tune to greet the summer with. Happy jamming!!!