Playlist: Radically Soft

rad-i-cal soft-ness - "Radical softness is the idea that unapologetically sharing your emotions is a political move and a way to combat the societal idea that feelings are a sign of weakness." -- Lora Mathis

This month's playlist is dedicated to radical softness, which is a sense of feeling that I identify very strongly. I'm a big believer in the fact that being vulnerable and emotional can be used as a weapon, and isn't a sign of weakness. Our society today tends to look down on signs of emotions, because we've grown up to think that masculinity only means. I think radical softness goes beyond our societal perceptions of masculinity and femininity but rather celebrates the truth that we can all be full of softness and strength and that doesn't make us an less.

So i've decided to compile a list of songs that I think reflect this feeling perfectly. What better way than to define a "feeling" than through music, so here are some of the songs that embrace this concept of being soft and strong. This includes some of my favorites from Mitski's older album "Bury Me at Makeout Creek" which is an album that honestly probably saved my life a couple months ago, because it embraced a feeling of vulnerability that I couldn't define. I've also included Lorde's newest album "Melodrama that I've only been listening to the last couple days and I already knew it would fit perfectly in this playlist. Other tracks include "Performance" from the XX's newest album (this song I think is entirely underrated but it's beautiful), as well as the heartwrenching track, "St. Jude" off of Florence + the Machine's most recent album. 

Hope you all enjoy this + it makes you feel a little inspired!