Playlist: Dreamy Summer

Summer should be for dreaming. At least for a little bit. It should be for feeling a sensation of freedom, easiness and warmth. But summers also shouldn't be for over-expecting things and hoping that everything will fall into place just because it's the summer. I've learned that the June through August season has recently caused me to feel depressed at times, whether it's because of trauma that happened during this time, or whether it's just feeling a weird sort of bored melancholy where I don't know what to do with myself. So what I'm trying to say is, don't assume that the summer will fix everything--because it's only 3 months out of the year, and it's going to be sweaty and it's going to be annoying at times. But one thing that I think summers should be for is dreaming and discovering. Use this free time to do the things you've been daydreaming about in the cold months. Sometimes it's just simple and as beautiful as sitting on your front porch, playing your favorite music and looking at the sky and the world around you. 

One of my favorite thing of the summer is making playlists for it. My whole Spotify is filled with playlists i've made over the years --from Summer 2014 to Summer 2016 and everything in between. All of these are taking up a lot of space but I can't bear to part with them, because I feel like all of those collection of songs hold moments in time, a time when it didn't even feel like part of my normal life. These songs stem from all kinds of things, whether it's recommendations from friends, old love songs, breakup songs, songs I shazammed while dancing at a bar, or just songs that perfectly encapsulated the  feeling of sticking your hand out a car during a warm summer's evening. 

So here's my most recent summer playlist, entitled "Dreamy Summer" which definitely defines my summer this year. A feeling of hope and daydreaming once again, but this time the dreams don't seem so far away. Also, this is one of my longer ones, but all the songs are totally worth it.