A Palette Cleanse of Sorts: Quality Content to Relieve Your Internet Anxiety

The internet can be a draining and exhausting place. And we’ve for sure have had our fair share of intense and bad news happening in the world right now. We absolutely should stay vigilant to the many things happening in the world, but what I’ve learned is that if you oversaturate yourself with any kind of content (good or bad), you become drained and turn into a useless blob that can’t do anything anyway. So as a sort of detox, I figured I’d share some wholesome, thought provoking or just plain goofy content that I’ve seen this past week on my feeds that cleanses my soul a bit. Also, I haven’t published a blog post in a while so here’s me trying to make up for that, so I figured I’d just share with you what I’m consuming on the internet.

1. Now That’s A hot Duck

You know those article where you think it’s a joke at first and then you realize it’s real? Well, I feel like we’ve been having a lot of those lately except they’re usually terrifying or racist. This one on the other hand, made me smile ear to ear. Other publications have covered the mysterious appearance of this gorgeous duck, and everyone has such a fun and wholesome take on it. Read about the duck’s story here: The Cut: New York’s Most Eligible Bachelor is This Beautiful Duck

My favorite part of this piece is that they add his relationship status: “probably single” and job: “Duck.” I wish we got this story earlier so I could’ve been this duck for halloween. Needless to say, the internet has lost its mind on this one, and I for one think it’s for a good cause.



2. Looking to The Universe

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, but I really do think that the reason we gravitate towards astrology posts, horoscope and tarot readings is because we like feeling some kind of safety and dependency on the future. Even us realists could use some kind of spirituality once in a while, and I’ve been finding mine on the internet through some amazing online creators and astrologists. Here are some favorites I found this week that made me feel a little more calm about my future and the things I can’t always control.

Jessica Dore — Reading for October 31:

AstroPoets on Twitter always get me. Check them out.



3. Read These Words

I’m definitely trying to push myself to just read, read, READ. And read less of tweets and posts but more long form articles, and interesting pieces that the internet can provide. Here are some of my favorites that have left my brain inspired instead of fried.

Man Repeller seems to literally always have some good reads that help refresh my mind a little bit — whether it be about fashion, lifestyle or commentary. The first one is an installment they’ve been doing on fall fashion and as someone who has been craving ALL of the autmnal outfit inspirations this was a true godsend. Flip through their slideshow and get your next outfit ready!

—-> Office Apropos: 33 More Fall Outfits We Wore Last Week by Harling Ross

Next piece that really gave me all the feels is this one about confidence in the workplace (a MUCH needed read during the busy work week I’ve been having). Harling Ross tackles the confidence issue and how it intersects with gender in a very nuanced and interesting way:

—-> What If Lapses in Confidence at Work Are a Good Thing?

“We are living in an era that glorifies confidence, especially when it comes to career and professional role models. There are entire digital properties (Girlboss), magazines (Bossladies), social networks (Bossbabe), online bootcamps (Bossed Up) and podcasts (Being Boss) devoted to spotlighting women with impressive careers and becoming more like them. And yet, at the same time, I’ve heard countless women (friends, industry peers, people who slide into my DMs) insist they routinely experienceImposter Syndrome, the psychological pattern experienced by those who feel like all their accomplishments are undeserved to the point of being crippled by self-doubt.”

“Making mistakes and recovering from them is more than just “normal” — it’s beneficial. I know this from my own experience; when I think back on all the errors I’ve made and lessons I’ve gleaned as a result, these are the seminal dominos that have tipped my career trajectory infinitesimally forward, equipping me with the clarity of hindsight. “

I recently discovered another site that I’m currently obsessed with. It’s a small, independent site called Reel Honey and it focuses on pieces surrounding criticism in pop culture by women and non-binary writers. I’ve always loved reading essays about movies and cinema so I’ve been finding myself checking in on this site every couple days. There post on Halloween was such a good read — the writer talks about the new Halloween movie and how it “evolves” the Final Girl trope in horror movies. I am not the biggest fan of scary movies but this piece talks about such an important issue surrounding horror films and it definitely makes me want to go see this film. Go read! And support independent media by donating to their kickstarter here.

—-> How The New ‘Halloween’ Evolves The “Final Girl” Trope by Kara Hedash

“Rather than scratching the surface, Laurie’s longtime struggle is on full display in the new Halloween. Sure, she was a Final Girl, but that also meant that she has lived the last four decades in absolute fear while her killer has sat in isolation. Laurie still suffers from PTSD and the trauma she endured that terrifying Halloween night. To combat her constant fear, Laurie became a survivalist with a fortified shelter and a cache of firearms at the ready. Those experiences destroyed her relationships and took away the loved ones she needed as a support system. Michael Myers didn’t just take away her innocence that night in 1978; he took away her chance at ever living a normal life.”



4. Just A Good Tweet™

A good tweet a day, keeps the existential dread away.



5. Listen To This

Good new music is always, always a good way to feel better after a draining week. It’s truly a breath of fresh air. Before we even hit the end of the week, Carly Rae Jepsen released her new song “Party For One” that is the perfect anthem for anybody who needs to remember how beautiful and independent they are. Needless to say it’s on repeat and it automatically put me in a better mood.

There weren’t any other songs I could find to feature, but here’s some shameless promo of some of the things I created for your earholes:

  • Fall Playlist: a pivot point (summer to fall)

    Remember how I kept saying that I was gonna publish a fall playlist? Welp, I’m just going to plop it in here so you’re going to just have to enjoy it here. This tracklist attempts to archive that weird but weirdly refreshing moment we feel when the season changes from summer to fall. I’ve got oldies, new releases, covers and more and it’s a bit of a mess but it’s the songs that are helping me get through this weird transition period. Also, Shallow from A Star Is Born is here and I can’t stop singing/crying to it.

  • The Kiss Off: Episode 2!

    Oops, one more self promotion. My friend Nicole and I released the second episode of our podcast! We talk to my other friend Erik and have a fun and spooky conversation of whether or not ghost are real, scary movie tropes and other creepy ghoulish stuff. Check out the video podcast below or listen to it wherever you get your podcsasts!


4. Halloween Costumes That Warmed My Heart

You can tell a lot about a person by the costume they wear for Halloween. And I’m convinced that there are some really cool people left on this Earth judging by how creative and cute they got this spooky season. Each year does come with groups of people who may make some distasteful and culturally insensitive costumes…but again, this post is about focusing on the positive.Whether it’s Harry Styles or an adorable little girl dressing as her role model, some of these really made me realize why Halloween still is and always will be one of the best holidays.

One of my favorites is definitely this little girl who dressed up and was spitting image of Michelle Obama. Oh, and the one and only Franchesca (another blogger you should go check out right now), actually wrote about this so check out the piece here: https://www.today.com/parents/michelle-obama-s-biggest-3-year-old-fan-dressed-her-t141096



5. This Otter Has No Idea That Our Country Is In Shambles And I’m Just Glad He’s Happy Okay

This last one doesn’t really fit into any category, I just love otters.