4 Podcasts To Soothe Your Soul


About two years ago, when I was still getting this blog off the ground, I wrote a little post about podcasts that help us stay in the know with the news. I still stand by that list because it still has many of my favorite news related podcasts that I still listen to including Intercepted (if you want accurate and brilliant investigative news, you need to check out this pod and site) as well as About Race (which has since then ended but I still recommend to go listen to their backlog of episodes because they are very insightful and still prevalent to what we’re dealing with today.)

And even though I still listen to these news pods and along with some others, I realize that I also have another category of podcasts that are more, The Give me Something To Distract Myself From All The Bad Things category. These are all podcasts that once they go through my ears, I feel distracted (in a good way), soothed and intrigued. So I thought about what podcasts I listen to when I just want to shut down the world around me. I’ve been trying my best to find different ways to relieve my internet and social media anxiety lately, so I try to be consuming content that not only informs me but also engages me and even relaxes me.

All of these podcasts on the list are different in the ways that they relax or calm my anxiety. Some use brilliant storytelling, some give honest advice, or some just have someone with a really calming or relatable voice that is good to listen to in the background. So here are my top ones in that category as well as the episodes that got me hooked.


1. Invisibilia | Hanna Rosin & | NPR

This podcast could easily go on any top podcast lists because it’s just a really well produced show. Each episode is a different story or experience that the hosts cover. The topics range from identity, love, family dynamics, daydreaming, motherhood and more. I used to listen to this on my drive to school, whenever I had a free half hour before class, or my walk to lunch. It just did a good job of making me focus on the story or interview they were talking about, instead of whatever is going on in my head. You really get lost in the storytelling because of the way they present it. I’m still awaiting the newest season to drop, but this is just a good podcast for anyone who hasn’t listened to it — each episodes is really thought provoking and intriguing.

Episode That Got Me Hooked: What Was Not Said


2. The Now Age | Ruby warrington | The Numinous

I learned about this podcast by well, another podcaster! Katie, who hosts Muse Room in Cleveland recently put it up on her story and I checked out out and immediately getting hooked. This podcast is about a lot of issues including wellness, modern spirituality, and overall health and how it intersects with our culture and society. They also have regular “Astrocast” episodes where Astrologists give their input about different astrological seasons and what their energies bring each year. It gives good advice but it also interviews some interesting people about their experiences. Overall, this podcast is a breath of fresh air for anyone who wants to learn how to be more conscientious about living and working in this hyper digital and social media driven world.

Episode That Got Me Hooked: Living Sober Curious With Lee From America


3. Dear Sugars | Cheryl STRAYD & | WBUR & New York Times

I mean what else is more relaxing than Cheryl Strayd talking into your ear? If any of you are a fan of the The Rumpus’s advice column Dear Sugar this is the audio version of that and it’s amazing. Strayd and Steve Almond read letters that are sent to them that detail different problems, whether it be about family, relationships, work problems, sexism in the work place or how to manage the stress of the world. Although not all the problems that they address in the letters directly relate to me, I always find some kind of lesson or interest after listening to each episode.

Episode That Got Me Hooked: The Power of No


4. Sleep with me | Dearest scooter & NIGHT VEIL PRESENTS

I was very skeptical when I first heard that there was an actual podcast that helps you sleep. My sleep cycle has been not so great lately and the biggest problem is actually staying asleep. For the most part I’m the kind of sleeper who can’t handle any interruptions — I need it to be pitch black, completely silent (even a heater left on sometimes bothers me). But lately I’ve been getting desperate with shutting off my brain before bed, so I’ve been experimenting with different white noise or calming music apps. Then I heard about this app, Sleep With Me and on a particularly sleepless night I tried it out very skeptically. But then I ended up listening to three more episodes the next three nights. The concept of the podcast is actually quite brilliant, it’s just this guy talking, or technically “droning” on about random topics (my favorite is when he describes the plot of The Good Place episodes, but hooks onto random details like the color of a character’s shoes or the pattern of the wallpaper). His voices is very soothing, calm and it actually works at putting you to sleep. If anything, it could work as just something to listen right before bed as you’re winding down. It’s the perfect podcast for fully shutting off your brain and calming yourself down.

Episode That Got Me Hooked: 712 - Jeremy Bearimy | The Good Place To Sleep S3 E5