A Cozy Holiday Look and What I've Learned About My Personal Style

If you’re anything like me, you often find that comfort is high in priority when putting together an outfit. As is layering. This becomes even more important during the winter season when I’m struggling to find the balance of looking stylish and feeling like I’m still comfortably in hibernation mode. This year I’ve been feeling a little more inspired with my outfits because I’ve started being a little more honest with myself and what my style is. I feel like as we get older, we start to really become more grounded in the things we like, and well, become a bit more confident in showing it. That’s a big thing I’ve learned since last year. Being a bit more confident in who I’m becoming, instead of overthinking about how to be who I want to be. Because honestly, there is no instruction manual for who you’re supposed to be. As Dolly Parton once said, “find out who you are and do it on purpose.”

Fashion has really served as a reflection of that, as I’ve always struggled with finding my footing when it came to who I want to be, how I want to express it, etc. It came with so much anxiety sometimes that I sometimes regressed into fashion choices that well, didn’t’ really inspire me or even feel like “me.” I sometimes just settled for the simpler or non-flashy outfits because I felt like I couldn’t’ pull it off or I would be too self conscious about what other people think. But even seeing myself become more confident with how I dress in the winter — at time when, let’s be honest all you want to do is wear grey, black and a huge sleeping bag —, has been a big sign of growth for me. So I’m getting closer to what I want my style to be.

And what I’ve learned about my own style when it comes to fancy outings, is that still, comfort is key and certain things are just a no no for me. But with that, I’ve also learned that I really enjoy pushing my own boundaries with my style and that it’s fun to experiment with different trends, even if you might not like them the next year. So with this little post I tried to put together an outfit that really reflects what I feel comfortable wearing, but you might have a completely different idea of it! And that’s why I broke this up into pieces and little ideas that maybe you can incorporate into your holiday or New Years Eve look.


Pleated Skirt 

I fell in love with this skirt from Express for many reasons. Partly because it was my favorite color (a deep, royal teal), and partly because I’ve been wanting a pleated midi skirt for a while. But what really sold me on this particular one, was the elastic waist band. Not only does it make me feel more relaxed and comfortable about my body, but it allows for so many layering options. So whether I want a big junky sweater to tuck in, or a tighter fitting turtleneck, this skirt supports any look you’re going for. The added bonus is obviously the length, and that’s why I’ve recently really become addicted to midi skirts since they are the absolute perfect length for both comfort and classiness.


Sparkle socks 

Who said socks aren’t fancy enough? The long time struggle with what hosiery to wear during fancy winter events have always stumped me. I either had to suck it up and wear no tights or extremely thin ones, or had to somehow make my outfit work with leggings to spare my legs from freezing in the cold. And this often brought me a lot of anxiety as I struggled to find the right color, the right sheer-ness, etc. I had this pair of sparkle socks for a while, I’m pretty sure I got them at a thrift store years and years ago. They’ve been buried in my sock drawer for years, as I never really figured out how or where to fit them into an outfit. But as I was putting together this look, I figured these would be just the kick that my outfit needed, and it allowed me to wear my favorite block heels. Win, win, win!


Ruffled Turtleneck and Fuzzy Sweater

Often times when putting together a winter outfit, I get stuck between my two go-to tops: the form-fitted turtleneck or the spacious oversized sweater. For this outfit, I thought — why not both? If you want to have a more dimensional layered look, try putting a nice turtleneck under a larger sweater and you’ll be full sheltered from the cold and a unique look. And if you get inside and feeling a little warm, you can always take the top sweater off and bam — you just had an outfit change! Everyone will think you’re famous or something.

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