Adding Zen to Your Room

And the spring cleaning continues! This time, with my room. As much as I like to be clean and organized and yearn for a day for when I'll be able to have everything in a minimalistic style in my room, I've always been a little cluttered with the way I keep my room. I tend to have just one too many clothes, and too many things laying around. It has become so bad that it mentally drains me and doesn't make me feel like I can even do anything about it. The truth is, whether we like it or not, our work space, leisure space, bedroom space etc can have a profound effect on our mood and overall well being.  I've been working on changing my space around and for the first time in a while I feel like I'm getting something right -- and the steps I'm taking are much simpler than I thought! I realized that instead of cleaning my room until 5 am on one night (which i've totally done), I'm trying to take little steps in de-cluttering certain areas and adding good, zen energy to it.

So here are a couple of the tips I've learned -- and am still learning as I go to help you cleanse your room and make it a more calming space to come home to! 

Clear Top Surfaces


I've had this old, but beautiful vanity for most of my life and since high school, it's been absolutely covered with stuff. Loose jewelry, headbands I don't wear, and just any other random items I felt like putting there as storage. As I began my spring cleaning throughout my room, I thought to myself; why haven't I ever cleared this off? And so I did. I went through everything and realized that nearly all of the beauty products, accessories and nick-nacks could either be thrown out or - better yet - put in the drawers! It helped put my mind to ease just putting so much stuff away that I just don't use. And now, having an empty surface let me put some candles, book and other decor on top to help pull my whole room together. I can't even explain how much better of a headspace this put me in. I started doing this to other surfaces and vanities in my room as well and my room right away felt cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing!


Make Your Bed. Every Day. 

Yes, it's absolutely true what your mother told you all those years. Make your bed! Your bed is one of the main objects in a bedroom, so just smoothing over the covers or replacing the sheets regularly can make a world of a difference. Trust me, my room is a mess half the time and I usually don't have time during the week to clean it, but I've been making a point to make my bed every day, so that when I come home, it literally calms my soul -- and makes me more excited to go to bed or to nap. Overall, leaving my room in the morning with a nicely made bed just makes me feel likeI have my life a little more under control, ya know? 



Make a Little Altar


Okay, I don't mean the creepy kind! Just like, a corner of a room where you can fill with peaceful and positive energy, i.e. scented candles, pictures that make you happy, a cushion to sit on and meditate. Think about it -- we have a space in our lives for all the major things we do; work, eat, sleep, work out, etc. I think it's good to have an area especially for being mindful and relaxed. I think this is beneficial for anyone, because I think we all have the feeling of being overwhelmed by all the mountains of clothes and just STUFF scattered throughout our rooms. Personally, mine is specifically for yoga and meditation and it got me back into the routine of actually stretching and having moments of mindfullness throughout the week. For others, it may be a place to work out, sit back, listen to music, journal, paint, listen to a podcast, read -- anything!

When you literally have a specific spot where you go to do a calming activity for yourself, that makes you actually stick to it over a longer period of time. 

Make it a Tech-Free Zone (As much as possible)


know, it's weird, I feel like when we were little kids we literally begged our parents to let us have our computer and TV in our room. But once again, our parents definitely knew what they were talking about when they created those rules. Having my TV out of my room is an absolute blessing, and it overall motivates a better sleep schedule. I also try my best not to have my laptop in my bedroom at all, unless I really feel like binging some Netflix before bed -- but I try not to make that a habit. Obviously, the hardest thing is our phone and tablets, which I still need to use in my bathroom for things like meditation apps and playing music. However, my personal challenge for myself is to try and not have anything besides my phone in my room, and that when I do enter my room to either meditate, go to bed, read, get ready for the day, I try to cut out the use of my phone as much as possible. But obviously, I've found that a lot of things through my phone are relaxing, i.e. apps, podcasts, etc. So it's different for everyone's needs and situations. 




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