What The Heck Is My Style?


I've given myself a big challenge for this year. I want to revamp my wardrobe -- and to do that I've given myself a couple of goals: 

  1.  I want to donate/sell a large amount of my clothes.

  2.  I want to become more conscious about shopping for clothes when it comes to sustainability and fast fashion. 

  3.  I want to have a more curated style in my closet that doesn't overwhelm me every-time I look at it.

I've been feeling in a rut lately fashion-wise, mostly because I feel so busy all the time that i don't have the time or energy to pick something out or think about outfits. But that really has started to depress me because putting together fun outfits that reflect my style are usually the highlight of my day.

With spring just around the corner, I think it's time to do an all around revamp of my style, my closet and my shopping habits. And I'll be sharing this journey on the blog here! First part of this journey? Figuring out, or rather re-discovering my personal style. From there, I can decide what things to donate/sell, how to organize my closet and how to move forward with shopping. While I'm in the middle of this "analysis" of what my style is, I'm forcing myself to go on hiatus as far as shopping for the next month or so. Instead I'll be collecting inspo on my Instagram, Pinterest and Depop to find styles that I want to get in the future. 

Fashion has always been a bit of a mixed bag for me. I love it so much, and that love has only grown over the years as I've allowed myself to become more creative and open. But it has also been a frustrating task because I am inherently indecisive and get easily overwhelmed when I have too many choices. But over the last year I've been trying to get a grip of what it is I want to reflect in my style. One thing I do know is that I don't want to put myself in a box, but I also need a type of "style compass" to lead the way. I know this doesn't mean putting a label on myself, but it's rather looking back and reflecting what has worked and what hasn't worked. 

So as I've been reflecting on what my style have been and how it is now, I've noticed some factors about my style that have stayed more or less consistent. 

Color Pallet | pastels, color blocking & secondary colors

As far as colors, my go-to is definitely pastels and muted colors for the most part. I also wear quite a lot of gray, white and black because well, they're just so easy to match with on those days where too many colors just give you a headache. I do like some bright colors -- but they still need to be a shade of a color. For example, I have this fairly vibrant mustard colored-sweater that I've not gotten rid of and consistently worn -- so that made me realize that mustard is definitely in the bright color category that I'm comfortable wearing. Bright colors that I've just not been able to get on board with wearing include bright yellow, reds and bright blues.


Along with that though, I do like to play around with bright colors and color blocking, especially with vintage-style sweaters. I have a couple sweaters that have a base color of cream or black and then have reds or purples that brighten it up. 

Color block sweater: SheIn  Coat & Scarf: Thrifted

Color block sweater: SheIn
Coat & Scarf: Thrifted


One of my favorite "goofy" sweaters I own is this knitted piece I found at my favorite thrift store for literally $5. It's black with geometric design on the front in bright purple, orange and hot pink. It's weird because these three exact colors you wouldn't catch me dead wearing if the whole top was that color. But this sweater just makes it work and I love pairing it with some simple skinny jeans or some vintage denim. Also, the design of this sweater is more modern and i think that's why I enjoy it so much. Although the colors are very 80's/70's, the cut is more low and like a crewneck, and even the seams on the arms are more lower and relaxed. 

Statements | vintage, color blocking & patterns

I've always gravitated towards patterns, especially with statement pieces. One of my favorite patterned piece to date is a pair of red and black trousers from H&M that I bought ages ago. Although the colors are pretty bold the design of the pattern is very classy and almost looks like embroidery. My favorite way to pair patterned bottoms is usually with a relaxed tee or single-colored sweater. Contrasting is my favorite thing to do when I wear something crazy. I usually gravitate more towards making sure my outfit contrasts and not matches -- that is I really hate wearing the same exact color in two parts of an outfit -- but if they're different shades, then I feel like it has always worked for me


Layering | pinafores, jackets, & Cardigans


Probably my favorite way to style any outfit is layering -- and that's probably the main reason I like putting outfits together in the colder season. I have my go-to cocoon jackets that I like to pair with various things underneath them, and then mixing and matching cardigans or sweater pullovers with button down shirts is also a simple way I can make an outfit more interesting. When I layer, I usually like to go for more neutral colors that blend well together. 


Along with that, I recently bought a pinafore dress that made all my layering dreams come true. It's a simple, black overall dress from Topshop that I can literally wear with anything. I'm excited to mix and match it for spring with different blouses and t-shirts and it's been SUCH a savior in the cold winter when I wanted to just wear a chunky sweater but also add something else to it. 


Creativity & Comfort | Chelsea Boots, chunky sweaters & jeans

While figuring out my personal style I've learned that comfort has always, always been key to me. My biggest issue is that sometimes I try something on at a store, usually a re-sell shop, and I find something that is so perfect but just doesn't fit right. And then you know what I do? I BUY it. I somehow convince myself that it'll be okay and I'll make it work. It never does.

This has been a big thing when it comes to jeans and shoes. I recently found the comfiest vintage banana republic jeans from a thrift store that I literally can't take off. They're tighter and looser in the right places and they add character as well as minimalism depending on what I pair them with. Along with this, I've always had a love for comfy, baggy trousers and collates/capris. I have a pair of black and white striped ones that I got from MyClosetEtc. that I can match with anything, and I want to get a couple more colors in this style for the Spring/Fall season. 


Shoes are a biggie too. I've basically been living in my black chelsea boots all Fall/Winter and I honestly don't care. They go with everything they're comfortable -- and I'd definitely like to find some lighter brown or sand colored ones for next fall. I'm fairly simple when it comes to shoes -- I've recently started experimenting with heels and my favorite are definitely my blue velvet block heeled boots that I wear during every night out. Love velvet. Love the color. Perfect match. Along with that I've been playing around with wearing my new balances and other sneakers I have with outfits.  I plan to probably get a pair of black Vans or Pumas that can go with everything, on those days when I don't want to wear Oxfords or a my booties. Also, ya girl is SO excited for sandal weather -- but I'll save that for my spring fashion post. 

Overall, I think for a while I've gravitated towards a more "vintage modern" style when it comes to my outfits. I really like patterned button downs tucked into high-waisted mom jeans, but also sometimes i like to go with some simple, black skinny jeans and then jazz it up with a colorful sweater, or a funky jacket. I like simple designs and calm colors, but I always finding myself somehow making an outfit special. Either way, I'm definitely encouraging myself to explore different styles.