My Favorite Things | March & April



No-wire bralette | Lively


Oh my gosh. I've now realized I've been missing a very big and important thing in my life; a comfy bra. Since bralettes started getting popular I've been trying to find one that is comfortable and fits me just right, but I couldn't get into the lacey ones and always managed to mess up my sizing with whatever I got. I decided it was time to treat myself and not only invest in good quality bras, but also figure out exactly what kind I want. Turns out, these bras by Lively are exactly what I needed. I got two of their no-wire bras and they are a dream come true

Serum and Moisturizer | The Ordinary


I'm convinced that when it comes to skincare for me, the simpler the better. I've tried two products from Ordinary and was waiting to write about them because I honestly wanted to see if I saw results. Weirdly enough, when my two things came in the mail, my face started to have it's classic, angry breakout. For me, my breakouts consist of tiny blemishes in the same areas on my face and they're usually triggered by specific things, i.e. stress and greasy food. I had been trying Glossier's serum to combat these specific problems, but once I ran out, my friend thankfully told me about a very similar product that Ordinary. This serum I got actually gives you way more product  and is so much cheaper. And for me at least, it really seems to be helping. As I write this it's been a week of using it daily/nightly and the blemishes that were inflamed just a couple days ago are completely gone.  I wanted to experiment with a new product and I'm now absolutely hooked on The Ordinary! So far I've tried their Natural Moisturizing and Salicylic Acid which I use every day. 



Mental Health | Glamour

Glamour always hits it on the nail with what I need to read each month. I picked up March's issue because of the beautiful cover with Camilla Cabello, but ended up reading a piece that I needed more than I know. The piece titled, "We Need to Talk About Mental Health At Work," although seemingly straightforward, was an importance wake up call for myself. Mostly because everything I've been doing in my life, whether it's actual work at my job, work at my school magazine, or work for school, it feels like thats just all commit my time to: work. 


Subliming.jpg | IG Page

Typography is a secret love of mine. And I'm loving all of these instagram pages created by amazing designers and artists -- they're truly inspiring! My new favorite it Subliming.jpg -- their designs are bright, unique and unapologetic. And they pick some great original and quotable quotes -- and they always tag the author! Here's some of my current favorites: 

IMG_1404 (1).png



Meditation app | Aura

I'm currently still on the search to find the perfect meditation app, but right now I'm currently obsessed with Aura. Mostly because -- shocker -- their sessions are shorter. Like, 3 minutes short. And that's perfect for me because that's probably as much time as I can stay focused on meditating for the time being. Also I really like any meditation app that has a little mood tracker embedded into it, helps me keep track of when I'm stressed, anxious, calm, etc.

 Aura: Best Mindfulness Meditation App for Stress and Anxiety

Invisibilia | Podcast

Photo: The Daily Beast

Photo: The Daily Beast

I remember I tried getting into this NPR article a while back but could never really was able to. But I promised myself that I would try and make my morning commutes more meaningful by listening to more podcasts. As much as I like some of the discussion based pods talking about politics and social issues, this one is something that both informs me, and provides some storytelling that helps me escape. And that's the perfect kind, right? Listen here. You won't be disappointed. 


Face earrings // Common People Shop

I tend to usually not mix it up with earrings that much, but lately with all the cute and unique styles coming out, I wanted to glam up my ear accessories a bit. The face-type-picaso looking design I've been seeing is BEAUTIFUL and I'm so glad I found a pair from a small business based in Toronto called Common People Shop. They were affordable and are in amazing condition, I'm in love. 



Wow, so so many badass female artists have been releasing music in the last couple weeks and I am LIVING. Kali Uchis, Janelle Monae, and of course, Cardi B. I've got these three on repeat whenever I need a confidence boost or to feel like I need to be hugged by a big pink cloud of girl power. 

Kali Uchis (feat. BIA) - Miami

Janelle Monae (Ft. Grimes) - Pynk

Cardi B - Be Careful