Showing off my Favorite Thrifted Statement Bags

A.K.A., all of my statement handbags...

Thrifting is truly one of my favorite things in life. It's fun, it's affordable, and it's a perfect bonding experience with literally anyone. One of the things I especially like about thrifting is that it allows me to bravely and unapologetically try out different trends. Whether it be vintage or modern trends, I find it all at my favorite thrift stores. Over the past years, I've been experimenting with statement pieces. I've only recently fallen in love with bright colored shoes, big coats, and oversized earrings. As someone who is pretty indecisive and constantly likes to try new styles and trends, thrifting is the perfect arena for trying out different funky styles (and obviously can be a dangerous one at times). I figured I wanted to make a blog post about some of my favorite pieces, but I think I'll need to break it up a bit. So this one will be devoted to my one true love and the thing that may or may not get me on an episode of Hoarders -- purses. 

Yes, purses, bags, and clutches. I finally was able to minimize how many I had, but I can't stop. Some people have shoes, I have purses (although my shoe collection is slowly on the rise as well).  So here are some of my trusty companions that are ALL thrifted -- every last one. Let's face it, purses can be expensive, and I myself have invested in my every-day work tote from Fashion Able, because it's a necessity. But when it comes to trying out new styles and funky trends, I need to have some safety -- finding these pieces at thrift stores definitely gives me that. And some of them are a little beat up, but well, you'll see why I just had to have them. So as I've been going through some of mine, I decided to document, name and just well, show off some of my favorite handbags. Let this serve as an inspiration for you to go hunting for those perfect statement pieces! 

Also fair warning: I had a little too much fun with gifs in this post. Enjoy!



This clutch is an absolute dreaaaaaam. It looks like a cotton candy sundae in purse form. This was an unbelievable find, and before I could even process when or where I would wear it, I was already claiming the $6 clutch as mine. 


It's a little disheveled in the corner but you can barely even notice, and who knows maybe I'll add my own gem to personalize it ab it. Although the jewels, zig-zag pattern and gold strap makes it look like there's kind of a lot going on, I've found that this goes with either a more formal outfit, or just a pair of jean shorts and a white tee. The material is also unique which caught my eye as well; it basically feels like it was made out of a cozy sweater. The colors fit the summer and warm seasons, while the material can also work for a cold winter day with say, a white fur coat?




A while back I was looking for a purse that would be perfect for a night out -- a classic clutch just small enough to fit what I need, but just glamorous enough to serve as part of an outfit. At first I just went with a classic black one -- which I still have and serves me well. But then, completely unplanned, I found this beauty that had two of the things I love most in this world: embroidery and velvet. 


Basically everything you need to fancy up your outfit for an evening out. It works perfect as a statement piece but is the perfect size to keep a red lipstick and those earrings I'll eventually end up taking off during dancing. And honestly, this lovely purse even goes with a pair of grey skinny jeans and a leather jacket, so I don't think there are any rules you need to follow if you just genuinely love a purse like this. I remember this was around $5 and it was absolutely more than worth it. 



This was probably the very first statement clutch that I bought for myself. I used to be very tame with tiny persons and figured they all had to be one color and usually some kind of leather or had a simple color. But when I saw this purse that was the perfect size for a lipstick and my phone, I had to have it. 


I especially love this one because it's very easy to match with almost any outfit, and during any season. I like flexibility in my purses and accessories, and that's usually hard with more unique pieces. But this one had truly the best of both worlds and was only like $5.

 Out of all the clutches and purses on this list, I think this one definitely clocks in at the most uses because it's well, practically perfect in every way. 




Or, the perfect brunch bag. Because the sam eday I was writing this part I wore this bag to a brunch and it went absolutely perfectly with my outfits. I've been on the lookout for a good basket-woven style purse the whole summer, and I finally found one right at the tail end of August (better late than ever, right?). This one was an especially lucky find because it was around $3 from my local thrift store and it's brand new from TJ MAXX. 


This was an example of one of those bags that I wasn't sure what kind to get because I was still experimenting to see if I would even like a basket-woven bag. And tada, my favorite thrift store down the street gave me a simple one to start with and try out. I even love the subtle leather handle and bow.

It's a perfect accessory for any summer outfit and it's just big enough to fit anything you need, whether it be a couple snacks or a wallet and phone for brunch. Needless to say, I'll keep looking for more next summer. Also, was I really surprised that this particular bag went perfectly with baby blue and plaid? 



Something about this bag just says "scholarly" and "oh, I'm just casually studying Philosophy in a field in the English countryside," ya know? I kept going back and forth on whether or not to give it away because since I got it I was barely using it. But after forcing myself to wear it with a couple outfits, I convinced myself it was too nice, and in way too good of condition to let it go.I'm always scared of anything bulky when it comes to purses, but once I came to terms that this was a bag to show off as part of the outfit and not just for practical reasons, I got into it.

giphy (4).gif

And the best part is that it is practical because it fits so much! It's also the perfect "day bag" meaning if I'm going on a little trip where I need some makeup, a notebook, or a couple books for the ride, it makes for the perfect tote-sized bag with a little extra character.  

Sadly I'm not in college anymore to use it for carrying fancy notebooks and pens, but it's definitely something to use when going to a coffee shop work sesh or even a day at the office. This one was also more of the expensive ones on the list -- a whole $8 or so from what I remember. 




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