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What’s even better than fall weather outfits? In between-y weather outfits. Whether it’s from winter to spring or summer to fall, I feel like transition periods are perfect for experimenting with different styles, layering and accessories. Although unfortunately Ohio’s in-between weather is quite short (seriously, this state barely gives us a warning before switching us between 80 degrees to 50 degrees in a matter of a day), I won’t let it cramp my style — literally. I’m giving myself to the mercy of Ohio autumn, no matter how confusing it is. And my body is ready.


This limbo weather definitely brings…a certain energy. I found it hard to describe the feeling in the air during this time of year, especially since I finished college. This was always a time when things started to pick up, and I always associated it with “back to school szn.” But now it’s a little different. Although things have picked up as far as my freelancing jobs go, it’s still a different kind of busy, but nonetheless, this weather seems to be screaming at me “get busy doing all the things. this is the time to do it.” So it’s definitely been interesting exploring how this weather has been making me feel as a post-grad. I feel slightly overwhelmed, but also motivated and a little more relaxed.

I went to a really good yoga class the other day and actually the instructor was talking about this too. How this time of year (End of August, September-ish) is a time for finding clarity as well as a “pivot point,” as he called it. When he said that I could totally relate to that feeling — this is a time, not necessarily for extreme change, but for small adjustments that can be equally as meaningful. I think sometimes we all long for just things to be black and white — we sometimes crave extremes, like summer and winter. But the in-between time is really when we get a chance to grow, and I think that certainly applies to our personal style.

So that’s kind of the inspiration behind this look: sort of a alf summer, half autumn. Just warm enough for shorts, but you could survive with a button down and socks.

a1 (1).jpg

My favorite part is picking out transitional outfits, and this is one of them. The high waisted denim shorts basically were my uniform for the entire summer, since they were super comfy and went with everything. The shirt fed into my current embroidery obsession, and could be styled with either a dress on top or even a cardigan. For the purpose of a breezy, yet warm day in Ohio, the shirt couldn’t be more perfect. I decided to break out my oxfords since they were a perfect blend between boots and loafers, and they added a little bit more fanciness to the casual look.

Basically, this look has kind a of business in the front, party in the back kind of thing and it kind of describes the state of my life I’m in right now. I’m currently looking for full time or part time work (by the way hire me hi) but I’m still in this vacationland mode because I’m done with school for...like...ever?

Me, trying to replicate modeling lessons I learned through ANTM.

Me, trying to replicate modeling lessons I learned through ANTM.

Transitional is definitely the word to use here. I’m transitioning from student to a semi-functioning adult person, and so I feel a little more freedom to try different things. Weirdly enough, the fact that school is over, I actually feel a little more confident experimenting with different trends and looks. Maybe because I feel like I don’t have a set place to go every day, so I can mix and match with ease. Although this outfit is pretty classic — denim plus button down shirt, I decided to go a bit out of my comfort zone with a pair of shoes and a purse that I don’t maybe usually wear.


Overall, I know i’ll miss the warm weather. I’ll miss the effortlessness of summer and rolling out of bed and only styling my hair with some sea salt spray. I’ll miss the ability to wear crop tops and light blouses every day, or even a bathing suit and high waisted shorts if I was feeling particularly saucy. We always succumb to the “grass is always greener” cliche when it comes to weather, I think. In the winter, we sometimes get so depressed, tired and frozen that we don’t feel like trying on new things. And in the summer, we miss the ability to layer on different things without breaking a sweat (I particularly felt this towards the end of this summer because of how damn hot it got). But I’m determined to not let the changing seasons define me, whether it be my writing, projects or wardrobe.



White button up collared shirt with embroidery on the collar and down the middle —thrifted.

Frayed denim shorts — thrifted (frayed by yours truly).

Black laceless oxfords 14th and Union, thrifted from Avalon Exchange.

Purse — Liz Claibourne, thrifted from Avalon Exchange

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