Why I'm Going on a Clothing Spending Freeze


One of my intentions this year is to start leading a more ethical lifestyle, in all parts of my life. Part of this is becoming a bit more minimalistic with clothing and incorporating more slow fashion practices into my wardrobe and shopping habits. Not only because it’s super duper for the environment, but also for my state of mind. After doing some research and careful consideration, I’ve decided to participate in the #byebuychallenge that @beyond__wear and other accounts on IG have been doing. This is super scary because I’m usually terrible at large sweeping resolutions, but this seems like it’s necessary for me for many reasons. I’ve been feeling a lot of anxiety and overstimulation with the way that I shop and my overall relationship to clothing. As someone who loves fashion so much, I want to become more mindful with how I interact with it and well, new year — why not! My clothing has always gone hand in hand with my state of mind, my mood and my general expression and I’m tired of it being a source of stress for me (whether it’s financial reasons or having an over-cluttered closet).


So I think right now, if I’m going to do any kind of cleanse, this will be the one I will benefit from. I’ve been eying minimalist fashion trends for a while now and they’ve intrigued me, but I always wondered how I could make it work with my own personal style. But I’m determined to make it work and consume less, save money and get into a routine with my wardrobe where I’m still expressing myself, but not feeling anxiety over getting dressed in the morning. My winter wardrobe is basically set and I don’t need anything else, so I’m holding off until the beginning of spring to do any kind of clothes shopping (yes, even thrifting and buy/sell trade apps like Depop). This will also involve me having to come to terms with my problem with impulse buying and how social media ads and influencer marketing impacts it a LOT — so it might involve muting some of my favorite brands for the time being.

I’m going to try my best to do 15 weeks (until April 9th). I’m also not gonna beat myself up if I slip up — but I’ll try be transparent on here if I do! My main goal is to at least not buy anything through the end of the winter, and instead do some conscious planning for my spring wardrobe so I feel more prepared, less scatterbrained and able to afford more quality, ethical clothing!

I’ll be documenting it on here of course and would love to hear if any of you are doing the same challenge or something similar? Or if you’ve done something like this before? Let me know please in the comments/the DM’s!


My goals:

  • Saving tons of money!!! According to my trusty Mint app I spend a whole flipping lot on clothes shopping — way more than I like to admit. I’m a freelancer and my income situation is usually unpredictable so I don’t have the money to shop as much as I do. Plus, the money I’m making is very valuable to me, so I want to spend it on valuable things. Also I want become smart enough with my spending that I’m able to afford certain pieces from sustainable and quality brands! 

  • Decreasing my clothing intake and decluttering my closet. A lot of my clothing shopping has been impulse motivated lately so I want to cut that out and really be more mindful about it. Even though I love, LOVE thrifting, I officially have enough of everything for the time being, so I think taking a break even from buying even cheap, second hand clothes will be good for my soul. 

  • Letting myself actually take inventory and appreciate of what I already have, and in turn making a clearer capsule and overview of what my style is and what I want it to be! Also becoming more creative and thoughtful when putting together outfits; playing around with layering, mixing and matching different pieces already in my closet instead of thinking that I need to buy something new to really be me.

  • Decreasing my waste and consumption!!! 

  • Help with anxiety; believe it or not as much as I love fashion and outfits, my wardrobe is a lot of times a huge source or stress and overstimulation for me. And constantly thinking about wanting more clothes also causes anxiety and makes me less inspired — so hopefully this will decrease that. Routine is also something that is greatly tied to my outfit

  • Less distractions. Do y’all know the other day i spent hours just browsing online shopping? And just putting myself in an anxiety spiral in the process? Instead when I catch myself doing that I’ll go straight to my closet and look at what I already have that can make me as satisfied as item A, B or C.

I addition I will also be:

  • Taking 15% of the price of something I want every time I get the ~urge~ and then putting it into my savings. I’ll proceed to tuck that wanted item away into my Pinterest and then come 15 weeks later I’ll see if I really still want it. I’ll share my winter and spring capsule that I’m making more as I get them together too!

  • Donating and/or selling a lot of my clothes. Mostly donating though because as much as I want to make money off of clothes, I tend to do this thing where I hold onto them until I “sell them” and then I don’t sell them and just keep them for like 5 more years. 

  • Muting a lot of fashion and buy/sell/trade vintage shops, until I’m done with the challenge. I get tempted really easily, but also I probably won’t mute everyone because I need to learn self control.

  • Documenting it all on the ol’ Instagram.com and eventually the blog! Videos maybe? Probably. I want to share wardrobe capsuling, closet purging and outfit formulating in the hopes of learning how to appreciate what I have in my closet already.


  • If I grow out of something that is a necessity, I won’t beat myself up and just buy a replacement. Obviously the same deal if something gets stolen or damaged or something. But mainly I don’t want to body shame myself into fitting into something if my body changes, because that’s not healthy or serving me either!

  • If i get a gift…well. 

  • Underwear. I need new underwear for the new year. But I’ll be looking into some sustainable/ethical undergarment brands.

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