Closet Confessions: The Forest Green Cord Pants that Broke Me


Well, friends. I made it a month!!! But I broke my clothing spend freeze. For context, read this first.

Okay, all caught up?

I’m really not beating myself up at all. I thought I would be more mad at myself, but even though I certainly wasn’t expecting breaking my clothing freeze so soon, I’m not going to put myself through the ringer for it. In fact, it gives me a chance to really further and more deeply reflect my relationship with clothes and how I want to become more mindful with my wardrobe. I stopped into a thrift store a couple weeks ago to look for a belt and maybe a scarf for a photoshoot meet up I was going to later that weekend. I can’t help it but right away feel inspired and refreshed when I’m in a thrift store or vintage shop filled with amazing, unique pieces that could just brighten up my closet! Side note — this made me learn something about myself as a compulsive shopper; I often times use shopping (specifically thrifting) as a way to cure sadness specifically triggered by gloomy and/or cold weather. What really pulled me into that thrift store that day is the bright colors and the chance to add something, anything to my wardrobe so I didn’t feel like such a lifeless blob.

Anyway. So I let myself browse a bit — what’s the worst that could happen? If anything, I would find some items and them be forced to put them away because I would control myself.

I told myself all this, but then the perfect item showed up before me.

Let’s back up a bit. So for context, you all need to know that I’ve officially warmed up to the idea of flared pants of all kinds, so they’ve been on my wish list for a while. Specifically, I really wanted to acquire them in a couple different colors, including a dark teal or green, a dusty purple or possibly a burnt orange/yellow. And I particularly found some online that were in ** drum roll please ** corduroy.


Ah yes, corduroy. It’s definitely back, but I’ve known it for a while. Something about this fabric immediately gives me 70’s law student studying on the front lawn of their Ivy League college vibes. It’s fun, it’s groovy, it’s WARM and most importantly it’s not jeans. I’ve been exploring getting things in these fabric for a while now — including a jacket from My Closet and a mustard yellow skirt (which I ended up having to sell because it didn’t’ fit right). But what always drew me to the material was that it was different, and it felt like you were wearing something unique since it wasn’t your traditional denim or khaki.


But, my plan was to purchase my much desired corduroy pants towards the beginning of spring and possibly invest in a good pair. So I was not expecting to find a pair before that. But — while browsing the pants section of my local thrift store I found a pair; emerald green, brand new from Old Navy and in my size! I grabbed it and quickly tried them on over my leggings and sadly they were too big (which was odd because an 8 was my usual size).

“Welp!,” I thought, that must be a sign. I should just grab the red and leopard print belts and leave before I cause anymore damage. But as I was putting the size 8 away, I realized that there was a pair of the exact same pants hanging up, but in a size 6. I grabbed them and tried them on — sure enough, they were a perfect fit and I was already envisioning them with my lace up booties, a cropped jacket and/or my gray vintage Pendleton turtleneck.

But that wasn’t the end of it, oh no. The first item you find in a thrift store is always the gateway drug to more inevitable purchases. I continued to browse, but luckily was able to say no to most of the items I filled up in the cart. Until, I was passing through the pajama section (of all places?) and found this gorgeous and effortlessly cozy cropped fleece jacket that looks like it’s straight out of the 70’s as well. I ended up getting that too and it made an appearance in 70’s themed photoshoot I attended later that week.

So, what now?

vintage22-2 copy.jpg

I knew I would slip up. But I really am not trying to be perfect with this challenge. At first I felt some guilt, but then I realized that if I was just making myself feel bad, then this wasn’t actually going to be a learning experience. My goal as of now is to still make it through February and March with no more purchases. Because the real thing I’m trying to accomplish is to become more mindful when it comes to my shopping for clothing. And even though I gave in — I still feel like I entered and left that store with a clearer idea of what I want.

Overall, I’m still proud of myself that I haven’t bought anything online for a month, so that’s an accomplishment in itself. At least I can say that I got a deal for two items, plus some belts and paid less than $20. At least I can say I haven’t contributed to fast fashion culture at all for the last month and a half. And at the end of the day, I did not buy something I already have, I went out of my comfort zone, and I already have worn the items 2-3 times, so they’re not just sitting around and turned into a regret purchase! Could this mean that going cold turkey with shopping has made me more mindful with it? I think so.

Let this post serve as me trying to be transparent about this challenge. I still need to remind myself and keep reflecting on my need to keep buying new stuff, especially before I fully organize and have a grip of what’s in my closet already. Yes, it’s a source of inspiration and ties in with my love of fashion, but I need to become more comfortable and energized from the items in my closet. But life is spontaneous and inspiration comes when you least expect it, so I have no regrets.

And in addition, I finally got around to adding more things to my Depop! Saying goodbye to clothes is hard but I want them to find a good home so check my shop out here!

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