Monthly Media Wrap: Mindhunter, T-Swift & #SaveTheOA

Monthly Media Wrap: Good content I’ve been obsessing about in the last 30 days or so. Disclosure: list is not performed in the form of a rap. A breakdown of what I’ve been watching, reading and listening to. Maybe when I get my shit together this will become weekly, but until then,





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I managed to finish two books! (Wow, that sounds pathetic). Okay, one of them I started way before August. But still. I devoured Normal People by Sally Rooney as well as Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. I knew I would love Normal People, as I finished Rooney’s other book, Conversations With Friends a while back and was completely enamored by it. I’ve always loved reading books that just focus on the unique forms and versions of human connection, no matter how vulnerable or subtle that may be. Normal People left me feeling the same way about the two main characters in the book, who kept finding themselves throughout their lives and tried to make sense of it, but at the same time just cherished their company and mutual confusion about growing up .


It took me a little longer to finish Little Fires Everywhere because I joined a local book club that helped speed up the process. It definitely spurred a lot of conversation about the writing style, character development and overall storytelling in the book and it was super cool because the book is actually set in a neighborhood near where I live! I wouldn’t say this was my favorite fiction book of all time, but it’s definitely has a lot to talk about because there’s so much that goes on in the book.

Just started reading: You Are Enough by Elaine Weltroth & Educated by Tara Westover


When Will Kristen Dunst Get Her Due? - Elisabeth Donnelly, BuzzFeed

“In some ways, the manner in which Dunst is underrated feels germane to a very specific subgeneration of “old” millennials: They are burned out, working too hard, born in the early ’80s, now in their late thirties, with 40 looming and not too much to show for it, financially or otherwise. They are saddled with student loans, trying to get a toehold in rapidly contracting industries. They know how to use the post office and how to keep some things private. You can see this with Dunst’s, Hathaway’s, and Portman’s awkward social media presences on Instagram, where they’re uninterested in playing the influencer game and mostly post funny throwback photos and the occasional professional promo or earnest charity request.”

How to Recreate Princess Diana’s Best Outfits - Harling Ross, Man Repeller

Rebecca Solnit: How Change Happens - Rebeca Solnit, Literary Hub


The OA: Season Two & #SaveTheOA Campaign


OK, I realize that the second season came out like more than a month ago, but this show has consumed me (as well as many others) recently because of the heartbreaking news of Netflix cancelling any further seasons. What’s been even more fascinating is how people have been fighting for the show to be brought back, with even multiple people heading down to the Netflix HQ themselves to voice their opinions. And I would be RIGHT there with them if I could. After watching the second season and then eventually rewatching the first (I got my mom hooked on it), I realized more than before how special this show is. I’ll probably write something longer, personal and far more in-depth about it on here in the future but for now I’ll just say: it has multi-dimensional travelers, complex characters and villains, talking octopi and trippy philosophies about life, death and the universe. GO WATCH IT. And if you’re as obsessed as me, I highly suggest listening to the soundtrack on repeat.

Mindhunter: Season Two


Unbelievable show. Second season really made me realize how amazing the cinematography is (which isn’t surprising considering multiple episodes were directed by David Fincher?!). I’m an absolute sucker for true crime and serial killer stories so this came at the right time. It’s definitely a slower kind of crime story BUT it’ll pull you in with the amazing cinematic storytelling and the overall curiosity about well-known criminals. It’s also just a fascinating historical re-telling/re-imagining of how criminologists learned how to better understand the criminal mind (because like damn, the 70’s were WILD).


Taylor Swift: Lover

Ummmmm yeah. So I’m totally obsessed with T-Swift’s newest album, and totally am on the bandwagon. As I’m writing this I’m playing I Think He Knows, and along with that track my top favorites are definitely “Cruel Summer”, “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince” and “Cornelia Street”, and everything else. Just kidding. Sort of. After her last album, I’m not gonna lie I lowered my expectations a-lot and figured I would just not be into this album, but damn, she did what she does so well which is tap into my lonely, angsty, hair-flipping teenage heart.

New Playlists: Into Autumn 2019 & MP3 jamz

Nostalgia has hit me hard this summer. I recently was reminded by a lovely 200-esque song called “Relax, Take it Easy” by Mika which I was pretty sure one of the first songs I ever downloaded on my VERY FIRST MP3 player as a kid. After that, I went down the 200’s pop, rock and R&B rabbit whole and have ben curating this playlist: MP3 jamz — basically concoction of 11-14 year old Arbela’s music tastes and some other tracks inspired by them.

& Everything Else

  • The TikTok video that convinced me to get the app. I haven’t looked back since.

  • I can’t believe I just now found this amazing photographer who takes absolute BONKERS self-portraits. She uses everything from balloons, plastic wrap and other random items to create breathtaking sets.

  • I probably save every single one of the_holistic_psychologist’s posts on Instagram, but this one about co-dependent relationships is one to remember for sure. Her account has endless honest advice and she even has videos where she talks about mental health topics and very helpful tips.

  • Arden Rose, one of my fave Youtubers posted a very informative and engaging video about working out. So much advice around working out tends to be weight-focused or overall preachy, but she breaks down her experience with it in a way that makes you want to find the perfect workout for you that YOU actually enjoy.

  • I think sanctuarywrld is becoming one of my favorite Instagram Astrology accounts for sure. The advent of Virgo season brought a lot of good content — I was sending them to my boyfriend non-stop because he is the most Virgo Virgo ever.

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