Playlist: Take Care

A playlist to make you feel good and warm inside, because that’s what you deserve. Whether it’s smooth sounds or bright guitar riffs, this is some self-care for your ears that you definitely need in between your busy week. Some of these songs honestly sound as good as chocolate ice cream tastes, so grab a pint and press play. Listen to it during your commute, or while studying for those scary finals coming up. These songs are not just meant to bring you up, or get particularly excited or pumped up necessarily. These are meant to soothe your soul and make you feel content and at peace in your own skin, especially for those times when you catch yourself being mean to yourself. Forcing yourself to be happy can be exhausting, so this playlist is for those times when you’re feeling down on yourself and you need to be reminded how beautiful you are as well things around you (like music!). Enjoy!