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Let's Talk About Love

Valentines day has always been a weird holiday. And it's purely because of the commercialization and gendered culture that we live in. But I'm really enjoying seeing so many people in the last couple of years, embrace V-day as something more than just a day for heteronormative, romantic partners. I like the idea of expanding our idea of love and the "day of love" to so many other things which include; friend love, girl love and of course, self-love.

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Making Friends in Your 20's

As I’ve gotten busier with my adult life,  I feel like I’ve gotten good at a lot of things: being professional, getting better at wearing heels (kinda), exercising, half-assing college courses, FULL-assing college courses (that’s my very classy term where I actually find myself learning something in school...yes it happens), indulging in my hobbies, and most importantly--developing a clear and productive plan to move forward towards my career and goals. But a couple of things have fallen by the way side as I've entered the bustling years of my 20's; my mental health, managing my stress, sleep schedules, and I definitely don’t drink enough water.

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