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Let's Talk About Love

Valentines day has always been a weird holiday. And it's purely because of the commercialization and gendered culture that we live in. But I'm really enjoying seeing so many people in the last couple of years, embrace V-day as something more than just a day for heteronormative, romantic partners. I like the idea of expanding our idea of love and the "day of love" to so many other things which include; friend love, girl love and of course, self-love.

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My Beauty Sleep Routine

Especially this semester, having evening classes and nearly a full schedule every day, I'm making a point to not skip out on these bedtime routines,  because they are so important in making sure I continue to value sleep. Sleep is such an important and necessary part of self-care for young adults/college students. 

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Goodbye, 2017: Reflections & Resolutions

t's the last couple days of 2017 and so that means it's time to reflect and make resolutions! Anddd this also means eventually giving up some of these resolutions half way through the year...we've all been guilty of this, but I really do want to make a change for the better.  So I'd like to also try and reflect on some of the things that I've been more or less trying to work on for the last 3 years but want to continue to improve upon, because I know I have it in me to do it. 

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