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Hi friends!!! It’s been a while since i’ve posted but I’m bursting with ideas again and i realized I need to keep up with writing because its important and honestly, therapeutic…


This week and last week i’ve been spending a lot of my time interviewing a lot of amazing women at my college, Cleveland State. And it’s truly given me an amazing and empowering perspective. My friend Holly and I are working on a piece for our college magazine The Vindicator, where we are interviewing a bunch of girls who are doing awesome things on our campus or in Cleveland, in general. So far, from all the women I’ve met and the stories I’ve heard, I’m truly taken aback by all the things I’ve learned so far. It’s so fascinating what these women have to say, what their struggles are and how they deal with them. It’s also wonderful to see how aware they all are of how women are seen in our society and how we all have a long way to go, however their endless confidence gives me hope that we can truly achieve a better place for women from all walks of life. 

This is why it really excites me when I write about people’s real experiences and how they view the world. It makes me feel like I’m learning something new about not only other types of people but also myself. What I’ve learned in my writing classes is that the number one rule of Interviewing is listening–which is something I feel is far too often underrated whether in journalism or in real life occasions. I love that projects like this give me an opportunity to really look through a different lens and see through the eyes of someone else, because only that way I feel like I have the right knowledge to make this world a better place for everyone.

It’s truly been inspiring and impactful listening to the experiences of these various women from different backgrounds/histories/religions, etc. It gave me an insight look on the struggles that some girls are facing that I had always knew about, but never really heard first hand. It made me realize; there are real women with real stories all around me, and I’m connecting with them every day. This whole experience is making me feel more empowered than ever to be a kickass woman in this world who has awesome fellow women to look up to and connect with.

 One of the most important things I now understand that it’s so crucial for us girls to stick together and fight the internalized oppression that is being put against us every day of our lives. We are much  more than what the media says and even what our country’s history says. We need to make sure to learn from each other instead of bringing each other down. This article, along with the girl’s interviews will come out in two months but i’m already excited to see it come out. March is Women’s History Month and i’m eager to see what we will achieve as ALL women in this world in the future. 



-The first picture of the adorably delicious feminist cookies is from the Pro Choice fest I was a part of last semester with help from CSU’s Student Feminist Coalition and Unite For Reproductive Rights & Gender Equity (URGE) which I then ranted about on a video I madehere !!! 

-My college magazine that I work for made a video around cat calling last semester too. We went around and interviewed girl’s and boy’s views on cat calling and then our Feminist Coalition president made some awesome points about the issue. LINK HERE.

-Another article I wrote earlier that is all about self love and I think fits the theme of Valentines day is my blog post on selfies here.

-CHECK OUT MY GIRL POWER PLAYLIST ON SPOTIFY—hopefully it pumps you up and makes you realize the beautiful perfect butterfly you all are!!!


PS: I’m gonna try and blogging more and hOPEFULLY continuing my vlog once I get a good camera :))) –if you’re reading my stuff THANK YOU YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL hope you enjoy xx