Podcasts to Save America


Here we go!!! If you’re looking  to keep yourself informed with real, important and NOT-FAKE news and information, here’s my top recommendations. These are the podcasts I listen on my commutes to keep my brain active, engaged, and keep me asking the important questions. I’m still making an effort to read more books and magazines, but whenever I’m on-the-go during the week, a podcast is the perfect thing to keep me in the loop. Some of these I’ve been listening to for a while, and others were literally born out of election of Donald Trump, and it’s fascinating to see people having important discussions and keeping debates going. Hope ya’ll enjoy these! They’re all available on iTunes for free. 

Slate’s Trumpcast

This podcast got created before the election in the hopes of trying to understand and discuss the phenomenon of Donald Trump running for president. The day of the election, they were actually planning on ending the Trumpcast, in the hopes that Hillary Clinton would’ve won and there would be no need to talk about the orange candidate anymore. Alas, that wasn’t the case, so this awesome podcast is still sticking around, hosted by editor-in-chief of Slate Magazine,James Weisberg

Pod Save America

The name speaks for itself. Pod Save America came after the election of Donald Trump, and I like it because it’s as funny as it is witty and informative. Hosted by Jon Favreau,Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor, this show dives into all the corruption, scandal and bullshittery happening in the Trump Administration so far. They get into the details while still explaining the complications quite well, and being very blunt about the crap that our president is currently pulling. 

The Weeds

Hosted by my favorite Vox reporters/editors, this podcast soon became one of my favorites. It does exactly what the name implies–gets into the weeds of politics in Washington and the U.S. But thanks to wonderful hosts,Ezra Klein, Sarah Kliffand Matthew Yglesias, they’re able to explain things in an enthusiastic and clear way that you’ll become a policy nerd in now time. And let’s face it, it’ won’t be such a bad idea for us to start out weeding out what our government is doing. 

On the Media

A podcast, radio show and website that has been around for a while, but has really started getting more content to talk about in the recent times…On The Media, an important show to listen to help understand the media. Whether it’s analyzing the phenomenon of Fake News or understanding how to report on Donald Trump, this will help shed some light on these issues. Available on iTunes and WNYC radio. 

About Race

Unfortunately, this podcast literally ended about a month ago. HOWEVER, I kept it on the list because it has some really important and interesting conversations between some amazing people. Hosted byBaratunde Thurston, Tanner Colby and Raquel Cepeda, this podcast is much needed for the times we are entering (and have been living). The hosts of this show are not afraid to talk about the uncomfortable but extremely crucial conversations about race, class and politics and their reactions and analyses of the election, Donald Trump and the current state of America. 


Created by editor and co-founder of The Intercept, Jeremy Scahill,  started a podcast to help analyze the corruption happening with Trump and others. This show is necessary to listen to if you’re a journalist or simply a person who consumes the news. Especially if you’re a fan of the Intercept you’ll enjoy this. The journalists at The Intercept specifically focuses on investigative journalism and exposes, and they’re ready to bust some ball for the next 4 years. If you haven’t heard of either, you should check out both. This podcast dives into the complicated threats that Trump is creating and isn’t afraid the ugly truth and how intercepts with the reality we’re living in. 

Other pods to listen to:

  • The Ezra Klein Show, hosted by Ezra Klein
  • With Friends Like These, hosted by Anna Marie Cox
  • Art For Sale, hosted by Jack Slater and Zoe Jones (this is a podcast started with some great people I went to school with, they talk about the contradiction between art and capitalism. They just published their first episode so check it out!)