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Reading Roundup: 2/2

Along with the insanely copious amounts of reading I have to do each week for my classes in college, I figured I'd try and share with ya'll some of my favorite reads of the week. Sometimes they will be shorter some weeks than others, and the topics of the articles will greatly vary. If anything, these pieces will provide some nice quotes you may need to hear from the week. 

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Goodbye, 2017: Reflections & Resolutions

t's the last couple days of 2017 and so that means it's time to reflect and make resolutions! Anddd this also means eventually giving up some of these resolutions half way through the year...we've all been guilty of this, but I really do want to make a change for the better.  So I'd like to also try and reflect on some of the things that I've been more or less trying to work on for the last 3 years but want to continue to improve upon, because I know I have it in me to do it. 

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Making Friends in Your 20's

As I’ve gotten busier with my adult life,  I feel like I’ve gotten good at a lot of things: being professional, getting better at wearing heels (kinda), exercising, half-assing college courses, FULL-assing college courses (that’s my very classy term where I actually find myself learning something in school...yes it happens), indulging in my hobbies, and most importantly--developing a clear and productive plan to move forward towards my career and goals. But a couple of things have fallen by the way side as I've entered the bustling years of my 20's; my mental health, managing my stress, sleep schedules, and I definitely don’t drink enough water.

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